"Not all those who wander are lost."

J.R.R. Tolkein


More than a decade ago, I started my journey with my soulmate, then came our kids, then our beloved dog.
As life brings us to different places and different stages, from our kids being little babies to now our eldest nearly a teen, we learn, we grow, we experience.
This is our journey. Hope you enjoy reading through.


Sometimes when I write, I come up with these things…

The Tale of Three Jobs

I once met a man who was having therapy after a stroke that blinded his right eye, affected his speech, and is suffering short term memory problems. In reflection, I[…]

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My son plays it and most likely your child does too. When my son goes to his non-digital activities, like swimming, it’s all they talk about in the locker room.[…]

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The Day I Became a Husband

Twelve Years ago, my ex-girlfriend took me in as her husband, in front of our witnesses in what we would call a whirlwind preparation that took us just about a[…]

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